Produce tissue

Feel the softness of the finest natural pulp fabric.
We operate all production and logistics services directly.
We supply the best products made from 100% natural pulp at the lowest price.

Technical Research and Development

It was the first in Korea and the fourth in the world

to develop log saw machines.
From machines producing tissue to smart mirrors.
Irenox's research and development is not limited.

Create a culture

We have created a new toilet culture with smart toilets and a variety of high quality products.
We will upgrade your living culture with high-quality daily necessities in kitchens and everyday spaces.

Introduced to the press

This is a company that has been introduced to various media.

arirang TV - SMARTBIZ Accelerators
SBS MorningWide
arirang TV - Biz Smart
Smart Factory & Biz Expo

Our product design

What is not to be forgotten is that design forms a culture and differentiates brands. Without design, there is no choice but to die. -Karim Rashid